The Outer Dark presents two panels from BizarroCon 2017 (Nov 17-19, Portland, OR): ‘The Road to Publication’ featuring Ross LockhartHugo Camacho CabezaDon Noble and Nicholas Day, Michael Kazepis, and Rose O’Keefe (moderator) and ‘The Weird in a Post-Weird World’ featuring Cody GoodfellowMark Jaskowski, Emma/MP JohnsonAndrew James Stone, Madeleine Swann, and Jason Rizos (moderator). The show opens with the official announcement of the second annual The Outer Dark Symposium on the Greater Weird (March 24, 2018) and also includes a BizarroCon report, News from the Weird and a review of Ecstatic Inferno by Autumn Christian with guest co-host Michael Griffin The panels were recorded live on Sunday November 19. Find out more and listen here.