Double the Weird with Mike Allen, author of Unseaming and the forthcoming collection The Spider Tapestries, AND Nicole Kornher-Stace, author of Nebula Award-nominated The Archivist Wasp.

TSPcoverFirst, Mike Allen ruminates on possible comparisons between The Spider Tapestries and Clark Ashton Smith, writing “cubist” stories about unrecognizable futures, the unexpected Weird influence of Italian artist Alessandro Bavari, egotastic poetry and his poem book about famous paintings come to life Disturbing Muses, his love for stories that blow your mind, Nicole Kornher-Stace’s introduction and challenge to write writing a story the way he would compose a poem, differences among the “transformed people” in his science fiction, fantasy and horror stories, his passion for “really big monsters” and experiencing the human concept of a God, reproducing his vivid surreal dreams, common themes and “fleshy” connections among his stories, his formative ‘80s teenagehood, creating the “single grossest scene I’ve ever written,” the origins and editing of the Clockwork Phoenix anthology series of edgy “surprising juxtaposition” stories, Charles Olson and Jackson Pollock, his forthcoming novel which is a sequel to The Black Fire Concerto and more upcoming projects, his recommended writers including Nicole Kornher-Stace, CSE Cooney ( Nebula Award-nominated Bone Swans) and Livia Llewellyn, as well as a reading of the title story of The Spider Tapestries.

News From the Weird: Guest co-host Michael Griffin (The Lure of Devouring Light, Word Horde, April 2016) stands in for Justin Steele with a review of Livia Llewellyn’s new collection Furnace (Word Horde) and announcements about Dim Shores Press, Shock Totem Press, Word Horde’s Eternal Frankenstein anthology, author reveals for Lost Signals (ed. Max Booth III/Perpetual Motion Machine Press), and more.

archivistThen, Nicole Kornher-Stace muses about the challenges of writing Archivist Wasp, a non-marketable genre-straddling YA novel that ended up scoring a Nebula Award nomination, how it somewhat magically ended up at Small Beer Press thanks to Ysabeau Wilce, melding a “weird mix of stuff” into a post-apocalyptic novel unlike any other, avoiding and overturning YA tropes and her hope that her success will open doors for other YA authors to find markets for more crazy genre-bending works, why much YA is insulting to teenage readers, imagining future anthropology in her story “On the Leitmotif of the Trickster Constellation in Northern Hemispheric Star Charts, Post-Apocalypse” (Clockwork Phoenix #4) and Archivist Wasp, expanding Archivist Wasp into a trilogy, not naming and naming characters, mythology as hobby and flipping the bird to Joseph Campbell, a “strange” way of writing and trusting characters she’s had in her head since she was a teenager, Gene Wolfe and dream logic, discovering spec-lit at age 10 and selling her first short story, “Pieces of Scheherazade” (Zahir, Best American Fantasy 2007) at age 18, discovering Weird/slipstream and a market for her own work as facilitated by the small press boom, her fan fiction fantasy, feedback from teen readers, some love for Molly Tanzer’s Vermillion, The Bog People and the archaeology of death, writing combat scenes before and after studying karate, and her recommended other writers who, like her, write about ghosts in a way that’s not about ghosts including Karina Sumner-Smith (Towers Trilogy), Patty Templeton (There Is No Lovely End), as well as a reading of the Prologue of Archivist Wasp.

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Next week’s guests: Michael Kelly and Kathe Koja talk about editing Year’s Best Weird Fiction, Vol. 2, and the vision behind the Year’s Best Weird Fiction series.

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