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“Scott Nicolay analyzes horror like no one else out there. Give his show a listen, I guarantee you won’t regret it.”
Max Booth III, 8 Great Podcasts for Writers,

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TOD 021 The Glow in the Case of Selena Chambers

In this podcast Scott Nicolay interviews Selena Chambers, author of Calls for Submission and Wandering Spirits: Traveling Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein. Also solve a literary mystery to win two signed Calls for Submission ARCs and an all-new News from the Weird featuring co-host Justin Steele! Find out more and listen here.

TOD 020 Two Weird Panels: ‘Rise of Weird Fiction’ at WorldCon 75 and ‘The Weird in Weird Fiction’ at Fantasycon 2017

In this podcast The Outer Dark presents two panels: ‘Rise of Weird Fiction’ at WorldCon 75 (Helsinki, Finland) featuring Helen Marshall (moderator), Siobhan CarrollHal DuncanShivaun HoadPete Sutton, and ‘The Weird in Weird Fiction’ from Fantasycon 2017 (Peterborough, UK) featuring Phil Sloman (moderator), Stephen Laws, Tim Major, Helen Marshall, Alistair RenniePaul Woodward. Also, Helen Marshall joins Scott to introduce and discuss the panels, conventions, and editing Year’s Best Weird Fiction, Vol. 4. The panels were recorded live on Friday August 11 and Sunday October 1. Find out more and listen here.

TOD A19 Orrin Grey: Who’s Afraid of the Painted Monster?

In this archival podcast Scott Nicolay interviews Orrin Grey, author of Painted Monsters & Other Strange Beastsand Never Bet the Devil & Other Warnings. It originally aired on November 11, 2015. This broadcast features an archival edition of News from the Weird with Justin Steele, plus Bonus New Content including more cinematic chat with Orrin and also Max Booth III and Lori Michelle previewing Lost Films from Perpetual Motion MachinePress/Dark Moon Digest. Find out more and listen here.

TOD 018 Desirina Boskovich: Walking Reality’s Festering Fault Lines … with a Dog

In this podcast Scott Nicolay interviews Desirina Boskovich, author of Never Now Always. Also a mini-roundtable preview of the HP Lovecraft Film Festival & CthulhuCon (Oct. 6-8, Portland, OR) featuring Philip Gelatt (They Remain World Premiere), Gwen and Brian Callahan, and Justin Steele, plus reviews by Gabino Iglesias (LitReactorZero Saints) of They Remain and Desirina’s Never Now Always. Find out more and listen here.

TOD 017 Christina Sng: All the Ends of the World

In this podcast Scott Nicolay interviews poet Christina Sng, author of Astropoetry and A Collection of Nightmares. Also Gabino Iglesias (LitReactorZero Saints) reviews Christina Sng’s A Collection of Nightmares and Jeremy Roberts Johnson’s In the River. Find out more and listen here.

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