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“Scott Nicolay analyzes horror like no one else out there. Give his show a listen, I guarantee you won’t regret it.”
Max Booth III, 8 Great Podcasts for Writers,

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TOD 031 Jon Padgett: 20 Years to Ventriloquism

In this podcast Scott Nicolay interviews Jon Padgett, author of The Secret of Ventriloqusim and co-editor of Vastarien: A Literary Journal. Plus co-editor Matt Cardin,  an update on The Outer Dark Symposium on the Greater Weird 2018 and the Annihilation movie reviewed by Eric Schaller and Matthew Cheney.  Find out more and listen here.

TOD 030 The State of the Weird 2018, A Roundtable Discussion featuring David Davis, Helen Marshall, Stephen Graham Jones, and Sonya Taaffe

In this podcast David Davis, Helen Marshall and Stephen Graham Jones join Scott Nicolay for a roundtable discussion of the State of the Weird at the beginning of 2018. Also Sonya Taaffe discusses the state of Weird poetry. Find out more and listen here.

TOD 029 Daniel Braum: How to Write Weird Without Turning to Stone

In this podcast Scott Nicolay interviews Daniel Braum, author of The Night Marchers and Other Strange Talesand The Wish Mechanics. Plus Anya Martin provides an update on The Outer Dark Symposium on the Greater Weird 2018. Find out more and listen here.

TOD 028 Gwendolyn Kiste: Quaffing Your Fear Like Fine Wine

In this podcast Scott Nicolay interviews Gwendolyn Kiste, author of And Her Smile Will Untether the Universeand Pretty Marys All in a Row. Find out more and listen here.

TOD 027: A Strange & Darksome Night: A Panel & Readings Celebrating Nightscript III

In this podcast The Outer Dark presents ‘A Strange and Darksome Night: Readings from Nightscript III’ from Night Time Logic Reading Series, hosted by Daniel Braum and featuring authors Inna EffressJulia Rust, and David Surface, plus an exclusive interview with Daniel Braum and CM Muller, editor of Nightscript III. The panel and readings were recorded live at Lovecraft Bar in New York City on Monday November 27, 2017. Find out more and listen here.

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